OneClick Video Capture can do instant video and image snapping;
capture video from other devices in real time;
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OneClick Video Converter
Price: $25.99
This is a predominant video converter, which is designed to accommodate your video and audio converting needs.

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OneClick Video Capture is a superexcellent video capture designed to accommodate users' needs. Powerful capture function and intuitive interface make it suitable for every customer. With OneClick Video Capture, users can capture video or image from other devices, DV and TV capture with just a few clicks. they still can browse captured files in file browse window. Users can set video compression codec, device properties and cameral properties in OneClick Video Capture. Still, this capture tool offer new function of motion detection. It's more convenient for users to save pictures, send email, run programs, FTP the same time. Try it to enjoy a excellent capture way!

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Main Features of OneClick Video Capture
Capture video or image from other devices like USB webcams, TV tuner and DV in real time
Sensitivity setting and alarm mode
Snapshot pictures with hotkeys
Set properties for each capture device
Support AVI video file format
Adjustable output video file size
Record video and even sound (audio device connected)
Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation and hue
Preview and record video files in file browse
Optional text overlay and bitmap overlay
How to Use OneClick Video Capture
OneClick Video Capture is a predominant video capture. It allows you to capture files from DV capture, TV capture and other devices. All capturing steps are almost the same. In this part, we provide users the user manual about how to capture video from "Other Device"!

Step 1. Click "Other Device" menu button.
Step 2. Click folder buttons to add, rename or delete folder at will.
Step 3. Click the start button to start capturing video.

We have just take capture video from "Other Device" as an example. If you want to know more details about OneClick Video Capture, click here to get more information.